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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quo Vadis, Baby?

To be honest, it's a while now since I watched Quo Vadis, Baby?, and it hasn't really stayed with me at all. Much of the time, if I don't write a review straightaway, it's because I was uninspired. That's not always the case, but often.

Essentially, this is a film about a female private detective trying to track down who killed her sister some years earlier. What prompts her to do this after 16 years is the arrival of hours and hours of video-diary type material made by her sister that arrives on her desk one day.

The plot leads her to pay particular interest in her sister's last lover...

While watching this film, I was half enjoying it, but it was rather dull, and even though it didn't always go where you thought it would, it still had a sense of the obvious about it, the mundane, the retrodden.

It was all right, but not much more than that, with a couple of half-decent bits here and there.

The scores
Acting: 13
Story: 13
Direction: 13
Enjoyment: 12
Involvement: 12
Total: 63

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