Movie Reviews (such as they are)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Films such as K2 are almost exactly suited to a blog called "Movie Reviews (such as they are)", because you really need say so little.

Firstly, though: what the hell happened to Michael Biehn? I mean, one minute he was every fan boy's preferred movie star; the next he's hamming it up like the ham store just run out of him in K2, and playing such a completely unappealing character, too.

Remember Vertical Limit? Now that's how you make a perils-up-a-mountain action movie. K2, not so much.

And it even had Matt Craven in it, from the was-oh-so-great-in-Season-1-but-then-they-fucked-it-up-in-Season-2 show Boomtown. Man, this guy knows how to act badly!

So, if I were to sum up K2 in one word, it would probably be: "Ha!" But I do my summing up in numbers, baby, and here's my digits: 19 out of 100.

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