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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Man on the Moon

I stayed up realllllly late last night, till 2am. It was like being young again -- though this morning I'm paying the price. I stayed up to revisit Milos Forman’s Man on the Moon, which I saw on its initial release at the cinema and remembered enjoying a lot.

Telling the story of comedian(?)/performance artist(?) Andy Kaufman (with whom I'm still not familiar, in that I don't think I've seen any actual footage of him), Man on the Moon stars Jim Carrey in a lead role that some might say is almost Carrey playing himself -- a full-on, perhaps annoying, supposed funnyman.

I say, Carrey is at his career best here, playing someone who appears to be a comic genius.

There were barely more than three consecutive minutes in the 118-minute running time in which I didn't laugh heartily. This stuff is gold!

Carrey is wonderfully supported by Danny De Vito and Paul Giamatti. Even Courtney Love puts in a good effort.

And once you've seen Vegas superstar Tony Clifton doing "Volare", you will never forget it. Amazing!

I'm going big here (for me) and giving Man on the Moon 82 points.

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