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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Well, didn't Argo do well at the Oscars?! Best movie, best adapted screenplay, and best editing -- not a bad haul at all.

It had always quite taken my fancy, and unimportant Academy Awards notwithstanding, I finally checked it out. It's a true story, y'know, based on a just-so-crazy-it-might-work plan to rescue American embassy workers stuck in Iran in 1980. And a fascinating story at that.

Pretend to be location scouting, give the Yanks some Canadian passports and new identities, and smuggle the muthas outta there. Yep, nutso.

And Heisenberg's involved, so you know it's gonna be a hair-raising adventure! 

Actually, it's a pretty incredible all-star cast, and that can often be a bad thing. But here it all works out fine. All the performances are solid, and nobody has one of those OTT turns that upstages everyone else, thankfully.

Of course, John Goodman is in it, because he is now officially in every movie made since 2004. Are filmmakers trying to make the most of him before he drops dead from his obesity or something? I like him enough, but sheesh... enough already.

Anyway, I really liked it. It was a fun ride with a few laughs along the way, coupled with some great casting of convincing enough lookalikes of the real folks involved. And Ben Affleck did a lovely job at the helm, as well as putting in a decent bit of acting.

Scores: 75 out of 100. And if you don't like that, Argo fuck yourself.

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