Movie Reviews (such as they are)

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Still haven't got around to watching any more of the Dekalog films. Just can't bring ourselves to do it. So last night we rented Flightplan, which seems to be the populist choice of the moment. And it made for a good companion piece to Red Eye, which we watched last week.

Well, I'm not going to bore any potential reader with plot synopsis or a review here, largely because I can't be bothered to bore myself by writing them. Suffice to say, the movie sucked. What a surprise, huh? A big, overhyped blockbuster being shite – never saw that coming. Red Eye was infinitely superior (but we're still not talking a classic here – let's not get nuts).

Still, I have high hopes for the Flightplan payoff. You see, I chose this movie, so Wife got to choose one too. That's what coupley couples do. Bring on Must Love Dogs.