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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tzameti (aka 13 Tzameti)

Once in a while, you see a low-budget movie made with friends and family that really makes you think, "Yes, this is what film-making is all about." Tzameti (which is the Georgian word for 13, making the supposed alternative title somewhat tautological) is just such a film.

Shot in France, it is the story of a young Georgian man who, upon the death of his boss, stumbles upon an opportunity to make a good deal of money... something that is in short supply now that he is out of a job.

He follows mysterious instructions and finds himself involved in a deadly game. There's not much more that I can say about the plot without giving it all away. I may already have given away more than I should have.

The film is shot in grainy black-and-white, and the lead actor is the director's brother (undoubtedly why he is shot so lovingly). Of course, there are things that suffer with a low budget, and one of them is often the acting. But I think we can look past that to some extent... Overall, a fascinating little film. Catch it before the remake comes out (I shit you not, it's coming).

Acting: 12
Story: 13
Direction: 15
Enjoyment: 14
Involvement: 15
Total: 69

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