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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine

I know it's a bit late and that Little Miss Sunshine was a talking point, like, months ago, but it's taken me ages to catch up with my backlog of reviews, so I'm only just getting to this now.

What can I say? It was funny. I laughed. Alan Arkin was great, beyond great. The girl was cute and amusing. The angst-ridden teen was relatable for almost anyone who has ever been a teenager.

The ending was funny.

But wasn't it just a bit something and nothing? Wasn't it a bit "so what"? Wasn't it a bit "jeez, really, all this fuss over this tiny film"?

A good film, yes. Diverting and entertaining, yes. Will it leave an impact on me -- or anyone, for that matter? I doubt it. Case in point: I can barely remember it now I come to write this review a few months later...

Acting: 13
Story: 11
Direction: 13
Enjoyment: 13
Involvement: 13
Total: 63

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