Movie Reviews (such as they are)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Football Factory

Next up on the review chopping block is The Football Factory. This is a look at a gang of football hooligans, ostensibly Chelsea supporters. If you have an interest in this kind of soccer/gangs/violence thing, you've probably already seen both The Firm and ID. This offers more of the same, although on a bigger budget.

The film: Danny Dyer plays a young man, just about to turn 30, who's clearly having something of a crisis regarding the way his life is going. This is hardly surprising. His Saturdays consist of meeting up with about 30 fellow Chelsea fans and fighting with the rival "firm" of whichever team they're playing that week. Inevitably people get bottled, bashed with bricks, pummelled, and all sorts. Lots of faces end up looking a bit like minced beef. Fun for some, I suppose. And he wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend...

The review: Even though this weekend pursuit is not my cup of tea, I find the subject quite fascinating, if a little terrifying. Good, strong performances all round, and I was proper chuffed to see veteran '60s Brit actor Dudley Sutton in a good supporting role as the kid's granddad, about to emigrate to Australia. There's an all-pervading sense of foreboding for the whole of the movie's running time. As an aside, this film has probably taken the crown for "Most Uses of the Word 'Cunt' in a Movie" from Trainspotting. I laughed often, grimaced several times, and thanked my lucky stars that I've never cared that much for footie.

The points: Entertaining little piece, this. I'll give it 64 out of 100.