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Monday, July 23, 2007


Generally I like the films of Pedro Almodóvar, and Volver was no exception. It tells the story of a woman (Penélope Cruz in her native tongue), her husband, her daughter, and her mother, but it expands to include so much more. The husband is soon out of the picture, and it becomes a tale of women and womanhood.

But that is not to say this is a chick flick. Far from it. For although Almodóvar often deals with the female of the species, he is an articulate and compelling film-maker, writing roles for women that are real. Roles that not only are too good for any actress to turn down, but that are also so well written as to provide us men with a true insight into our opposite numbers.

This is a rich and rewarding film, more accessible than much of Almodóvar's work, but none the worse for that. Its weak points can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Despite initially receiving poor reviews among critics just 12 months ago, no doubt doing considerable harm to its box-office potential, Volver is already being reassessed, and the verdict seems to be a resounding thumbs-up, and rightly so. Highly recommended.

Acting: 17
Story: 17
Direction: 17
Enjoyment: 16
Involvement: 16
Total: 83

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